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SainzTech International Business Services Limited

We are a company dedicated to the export and import of quality food, personal care and home care products, in order to supply the needs of different markets around the world.

Our team is highly qualified in the field, and has significant experience in different markets in Foreign Trade, International Terrestrial, Maritime and Air Transport, International Transport Insurance for merchandise, consolidation, shipments, packaging and boarding control. Thus, our company is dedicated to perform all logistics process of the merchandise with the professionalism that you are looking for.

We carry out all our production processes in compliance with government regulations on Ecology, Safety and Hygiene, with a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices granted by the Society of Chemists and Cosmetologists.

We have an industrial warehouse built under FDA standards, with loading and unloading area and warehouse for 500 positions. We have extensive experience in the area of ​​logistics, storage and integral solutions; we identify ourselves as a company committed to the needs of our customers for our efficiency and continuous training.

    To be a leading company, entrepreneur, that provides tailor-made solutions, with challenges in imports and exports, recognized by the quality of our service in the transport and storage of cargo. Having as our main ally the human and professional development of those who make up our team.
    To contribute to the supply of our customers’ markets, through our integration in the production chains, with the satisfaction of their production requirements in time, quantity and quality based on the integral progress of our employees and in the development and integration from our suppliers.
We Offer Integral Solutions
  1. Tags
    labels and holograms.
  2. Armed
    promotions and packages
  3. Assortment
    of orders
  4. Plastic Arrows
  5. Product review
    and harvesting
we are experts
  1. Production
    Logistics and distribution to supply any part of the planet.
  2. Certified processes
    trained personnel and modern facilities
  3. Prompt response
    to our customers, far exceeding the competition.
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